“Hispanic families tend to be more community and public-oriented,” Kate Perkins, an analyst or brand consultancy TruthCo, told TheWrap. “There is a lot of collective and community activity in the Hispanic community compared to the general market, which tends to be more individualized and privatized.”

Perkins recently conducted research in neighborhoods such as Miami, Orlando and Fort Collins, Texas. She found that Hispanics families tend to go to open-air malls to socialize. Shopping and movies are part of the experience, but socialization is the primary motivation.

Incorporating other businesses and local vendors could give theaters more of a community feel, and go a long way toward enticing potential moviegoers. Perkins’ colleague Linda Ong cited the Barclay's Center, the multi-purpose Arena in Brooklyn, which sports a barbershop and local food vendors, as an example.

“One thing we know about movie theater food is you could be anywhere,” Ong said. “Escort me to any counter, I know what the options will be. Localizing food choices fosters a sense of public and community that is important.”