At 50 Years Old, How Univision Owns the Hispanic Audience

10/18/2012 by Marisa Guthrie

With 52 million viewers and counting, the network is nipping at the heels of the Big Four networks as the brand most recognized and trusted by Latinos -- second only to the Church.

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As Linda Ong, a branding expert and founder of Truth Co. who is consulting with Univision on cultural analysis, explains: "Hispanics in America today don't feel one portion of society has to lose in order for another to win. That makes them better prepared to weather tough economic times because they rely on their values of hard work, education, community, perseverance and self-reliance, as they have historically in their quest to better their lives." She adds: "Hispanic culture is win-win. It's not English or Spanish -- it's both. It's yes and yes. Or yes and ."